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Hello I’m Jonathan,
born with a natural talent for making fine art, I grew up poor and home-schooled in the countryside of Missouri, where the plants and animals guided my hand in capturing their depth.

As a teenager, I built a binder of drawings that I submitted to the Kansas City Art Institute, and won a scholarship that allowed me to graduate with a degree in animation in 2010.

After art school, I made no effort in getting a job as an animator, but instead pursued a passion to build a body of paintings and drawings.

Over the course of 8 years, I lived the cliche of the starving artist, while searching intensely for who and what I am.

I rode the roller coaster of finding and losing my identity, but the spirit of nature that guided my art so naturally as a child, started ringing more clearly in my heart as a calling to Create Heavenly Earth with my art.

This calling to create heavenly earth injected me with both purpose and frustration as a I set out on a journey of trial-and-error in business, where I made over $50,000 convincing strangers to buy original art from me, losing motivation to make art, burning out, going broke, and taking a job as a pizza cook.

I continue to feel insecure about my direction in life, but I’ve recently embraced my self-proclaimed role as Art Sorcerer by spending hours each day motivating myself to make art that answers my calling, and capturing the visions of my clients with art that speaks to their soul.

I’ve managed to scrape out a few personal pieces that I feel proud to share, and I keep a regular Instagram account of fresh ideas and sketches that show what our lives could look when we respect our own profound nature.


In 2015 during my constant soul-searching, I came across a magical system called Human Design, which arrived on the planet as a revelation to a mad man living off the coast of Spain in 1987. That man changed his name to Ra Uru Hu and became the messenger of Human Design until his death in 2011, leaving behind a thriving community of like-minds.

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