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Are you a change-maker with inspiring ideas, but feel frustrated that you haven't met the right artist to help you express them?

Imagine the Power
oil on canvas 24 x 24"

You want to feel grounded in your soul.

You want to feel inspired and honored for your life's work.

You want to work with a creative partner who REALLY GETS YOU, who sees what you see, who mirrors back the unique beauty of your soul and makes it seen and felt and heard like never before.

Except, when you tried to collaborate with an artist in the past, you ended up feeling pissed off.

When you started looking for the perfect artist, every creative professional you found in your Google search seemed just like the next one, so how the hell could decide which one to work with?

Then, you found artists with "About Pages", but again they all seemed covered in the same "me-centered" wrap that didn't exactly speak to your soul.

Finally, you decided to risk hiring an artist to capture your idea anyway... but then the waves of disappointment came flooding in. 

The artist you tried to work with delivered material that really missed the mark on your unique vision... or worse they completely lost interest in your project altogether.  

So you left feeling frustrated about all the time, money and energy you wasted working with the wrong person.

Eventually, you got back to doing what you do best... creating change in lightening speed.

You found the support you needed to reignite your creative fire and continue expressing your truth on social media and in your local community.

Yet even though your people adore you, a sense of emptiness keeps nagging you, because you don't have the time or skill or create the kind art you want all by yourself on top of the work you do in your community.

So, the more your ideas stay hidden in the shadows without the right art to bring them to life, the more you feel that you're holding back and robbing the world of the inspiration you came to share, and that feels so unlike you.

Then, you found me.

Expressing your ideas through my art can help you triple your impact in the world...

...triple your impact?

...yes, by hanging out and coming up with fun and beautiful ways to put your work into the world, you and I can express ourselves more powerfully than if we went it alone...

...more of your people will feel inspired by the increased beauty of your work...

...and when people feel inspired, they create miracles on the planet.


So there you have it, MY SECRET STRATEGY for Creating Heavenly Earth is to help you triple your impact in the world by capturing your ideas with my art, so you and your people feel more inspired than ever before...

Shhhhhh do tell everyone.

Self Portrait drawn in 2014 with crayon, graphite, and gouache on 11 x 14" paper

Self Portrait drawn in 2014 with crayon, graphite, and gouache on 11 x 14" paper

A few things you might want to know about me.

I'm a pleasure-monger.

I have Sun, Moon, and Mercury in the 10th house of Taurus so I was born with a natural confidence in creating beautiful things for the public.

However, I didn't grow up with the support I needed to appreciate my own beauty and developed a strong inner-critic who fed on self-doubt.

Small-town Missouri set the stage for my poor, religious parents who managed to shelter and home-school me and six other siblings in a 3-bedroom house. 

When I turned 5, my mom started giving me stacks of paper and crayons to scribble with on the floor, anddiscovered the most inspiring idea of my life... I can create beautiful things.

But, because I felt sensitive to pleasure and unconsciously needed to prove my value to people in order to receive love, I began building a lot of skill around creating beautiful things.

I spent most of my teen years building a portfolio of drawing and playing in a band, all the while feeling totally incompetent around all the girls I attracted as a lead vocalist. 

I felt like a weirdo that no one wa, even though everyone loved my drawings and told me I was really talented.

Despite my twisted self-image, I won a half-ride scholarship to Kansas City Art Institute for submitting my portfolio of drawings, and I spent half of my time building a self-development collection to cover up my the massive rut of self-doubt I had used to prove I wasn't good enough for the pleasure I wanted to feel. 

At first I shivered at the thought of saying hello to attractive peoplein my artschool classes.

I graduated from art school in 2010, and dove really deep into depression.

I barely had a social life, I hadn't sold any art, I felt like a loser living out the cliche of the starving artist, and I remember sitting in my dark room with my paintings collecting dust. 

I felt an empty, dried up space in my gut so tangibly, that I started to cry.

Tears of anger and sadness over why I had spent so many years trying to prove my value with beautiful pictures, while feeling like a nobody. 

And then my higher self started shining through with more clarity than ever before. 

My higher awareness got the attention of my unworthy ego, gave me 100% approval for the way I felt, and proceeded to show me a new mission I was to embark upon.

I started finding a lot of teachers who helped me heal my inner child, embrace the love of the universe, and do a lost shadow work that helped me get off on my self-pity and victimhood.

The energy and inspiration I needed to embark on my mission allowed me to sell around $30,000 worth of art in the following years, and I became an entrepreneur.

Now, I hear the call of intuitive leaders like you who can use my art to inspire more people and Create Heavenly Earth.

Whether it's capturing your brand message with a jingle or making your dreams come true in a painting, I give you my full attention.

I want to offer you a FREE VISIONING CHAT, where we...

Sketch for Enchantress 2016

Sketch for Enchantress 2016

  1. Get clear on your creative idea.

  2. Explore the most inspiring art to capture your idea. 

  3. Find what keeps you from expressing your idea and feel the power of having it seen, felt, and heard in the world.

    Then, if we feel called to work together, we can pick the best option that would assist your project.

If that feels like a yes for you, then...