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Are you one of the millions of spiritual leaders who hides the vision you see and feel inside, even though your people adore you?

When did it happen?

...that moment when you realized you could no longer express your ideas by yourself?

You bring a powerful service to your people that helps them love themselves unconditionally, but you're ready to respond to the conflict in the world on a higher level.

You feel frustrated that you don’t impact nearly as many people as you could if you had the right creative partners to capture your ideas with art that speaks to your soul and touches the heart of your audience.


Of course, since you are powerful and creative, you don't need me to remind you that you feel more fulfilled when you are helping more people heal their suffering.

You want to play with your creative team so much more and feel like you've barely dipped under the surface of your ocean of potential.

You might even have the artistic skills to bring your ideas to life, but your time and creative fire get burnt out quickly when you try to handle every task yourself.

You're done working too hard.

You wake up in the morning ready to share your presence of love, which has allowed you to command trust from others and go about the unique work you now do.

But at the end of the day you realize you don’t feel the magic and excitement you once felt when you first aligned your work with your values.

You could really use some bold beautiful art that doubles the impact of your ideas and influences people on your behalf.

The power of having the right art to express your vision is the power to attract the right people, filter out the wrong ones and lay the groundwork for your ideas to take root in the hearts and minds of your tribe before they even decide to work with you.

You want the leverage of art that captures what you see and feel inside.

Imagine the Power oil on canvas 24 x 24"

Imagine the Power
oil on canvas 24 x 24"

Except there's a bit of a problem in your art department, because when you tried to work with an artist before, you probably got pissed off.

Maybe you started out by googling for the perfect artist, but every creative professional you found looked just like the next one, covered in a glossy "me-centered" wrap that didn't exactly speak to your soul.

So how the hell could you decide which artist to work with?

Maybe you found an artist with a style that inspired you and decided to contact them, but when you hired them to capture your ideas, the waves of disappointment came flooding in when they delivered material that missed the mark on what you tried to convey.

Or worse, the artist you tried to work with completely lost interest in your project altogether. 

So then, maybe you found a piece of art online that you loved but it still didn't express the subtle nuances of your message, so you tried to get ahold of the artist to collaborate but they haven't gotten back to you yet.

Maybe you're resting on the fence, loathing the idea of taking your message to a publisher and slogging through a long, drawn-out process that might turn out to be a forced marriage to a team that you don't get to choose yourself.

On top of the frustration, you worry about the costs involved when working with an artist and getting stuck with art that doesn't match your vision, what happens then... do you get a refund even though an artist did all that work for you?

So why waste time, energy, and money trying to mold someone around your ideas, when they were never the right fit to begin with?

You feel confused about why you aren't connecting with the right artist.

You wonder if it's the right timing and remember that time doesn't exist, because you can choose your own reality ...but then your ego chimes in and asks you why nothing's happening.

Eventually you find support and inspiration to move forward and continue serving your community, but even though you have fun and your people love you, a sense of emptiness keeps nagging you about how they could connect with your work so much more easily if you had the right art to compliment your vision.

At the end of the day you feel like a guitar with no strings.

You don't want to come across as 1-dimensionl, but you continue your work with a sense of flatness, a sense of stuckness, and you're starting to feel insincere in your work... which is so no you, because you know people could use your help now more than ever.

Your desire to find the right artist to work with compounds your sense of dissatisfaction with your work, which feeds a fear that you're wasting your time ...that you're wasting your potential, and it's starting to eat you from the inside, and you have slipped into a feeling of isolation because much of your tribe doesn't get to experience the love that you have for them.

So, you ask higher power what's next.

You remember that your mind doesn't have a say so over how successful you are, your heart does.

What if you could attract your perfect creative partner in an instant?

What if the more you embrace the pain of not being connected with your creative team, the more you attract their support?

What if you also tuned into the frequency of connecting with the perfect artist to help you carry out your vision, and you contemplated the essence of your collaboration so vividly that you discovered new ways to meet, that you haden't yet realized?

5 ways I transform my own frustration about not meeting my perfect creative team into fulfilling the connection with them that I desire:

  • I open my heart to the sensation of frustration in my body.

  • I make an intention to relax into the pain more than I have considered relaxing into it before, opening that painful space with a relentless wash of loving attention and loving my dissatisfaction so fully that it cuts everything that isn't essential to my growth out of my presence.

  • I contemplate my unique role within my perfect creative team and give thanks to our complimentary qualities to each other. 

  • I make honest wishes for the WHY of what I really want. For example, I wish I knew a producer who really enjoys my music and I love their skill and we create an album together and perform shows, so that our gifts have a stage where people experience the impact of source we are tuned into. I wish that I had more soul-stamina so I'm guided more clearly, and share my light in ways that energize me and others more than ever before. Etc.

  • I remember that everything happens for reasons bigger than I can understand right now, but know that the wait and frustration I feel is an opportunity to open my heart and give it even more loving attention than I was willing to before, so that the opportunities wanting to present can reveal themselves for me to step into and play. 


Self Portrait drawn in 2014 with crayon, graphite, and gouache on 11 x 14" paper

Self Portrait drawn in 2014 with crayon, graphite, and gouache on 11 x 14" paper

In the summer of 2016 I sat in the dark bedroom of  my apartment in my downtown Kansas city and watched the dim light of the moon slowly sweep a window of stripes across my dust covered paintings.

Thirsty for meaning, I loathed the mundane slowness of my situation and the desert of desire creeped into my belly with a familiar wind of depression drying up my will to do anything.

In 2012 my mother died and I inherited $20,000, which motivated me to pursue my utopian dream of  creating heavenly Earth with my art.

Five years later, I spent most of my inheritance living job-free, aquiring my dream apartment with my brother Michael and riding on a new entrepreneurial spirit to make art that expressed my vision of heavenly earth.

I experimented with as many business strategies I could harness in order to attract people to buy my art and made over $30,000 in two years.

Then 2016 rolled around, and I started falling behind on my bills. My brother Michael and increasingly frustrated roommate worked 50 hours a week as a chef and started paying for my share of the bills.

Refusing to get a job I chose to believe I was unemployable and that my only true work was my art.

So I set up portrait stands on the streets.
I approached strangers in public.
I posted paintings for sale on facebook.
I contacted every interesting person I could find to explore how my art could help them.

Yet I still found myself living the cliche of the starving artist.

I persisted stubbornly to sell enough art so I could catch up with my bills, but by the end of August 2016 I only had enough money to buy some rice and apples to last me for a month.

Frustration and despair pulled me into a deep fatigue and I took many angry naps, occasionally waking up with sparks of hope that I could find solace on the internet with my trusted spiritual teachers.

I gobbled up all the advice I could throw into my pit of self-doubt and found just enough answers to start relaxing again, to stop pushing or trying to sell anything, and I sunk into a restful healing space.

I thought of how homeless people survived so long on the streets and my ability to sell just enough art to get by could help me survive there too.

I made peace with becoming a nomad and losing everything.

Then a couple people interested in my art suddenly messaged me on facebook.

A spiritual healer from across the country hired me to create images for her new card deck, and a local lady in her 40s with a wild love for gardening approached me to capture her vision of heaven on earth in a painting.

Getting attention from a few clients here and there lessened the sting of my poverty, but I still couldn't attract the kind of clients I needed every month.

January 2016 rolled in, and my older brother, who worked as a financial advisor called me to inquire how I was progressing and my reply triggered a stern discussion about how I was being selfish and taking atvantage of my brother and roommate by not getting a job. 

Realizing that the discomfort I felt around getting a job to sustain my standard of living fed my excuse to not get one at all woke me up and pissed me off.

So I set out to test my humbleness with the idea that my art doesn't have to only express itself through any one preference, and that I can bring love into work that I don't necessarily feel comfortable with but can still transform into an act of love.

This inspiration of getting a job to test how far I could love motivated me to take a brisk January walk to the hip west side of Kansas City, where I'd always wanted to explore more of, so I strolled into the local shops and restaurants to pick up as many applications as I could, before sun-down.

I happened upon a pizzeria that just opened near the hottest gay club in town and the energy of the place just seemed to invite me in.

In a week, I was making pizzas with no formal interview.

Months passed and my co-wokers started complimenting me for my calm yet beastly work ethic, as I spent 44 hours a week busting out pies for the intoxicated gay crowd and their drunken strait friends into the early morning hours.

Strangely, ever since I walked into that pizza kitchen, I've felt more grounded in my community, while at the same time feeling the angels presence letting me know that I am loved more than ever.

Working 44 hours a week making pizza and meeting new friends took a lot of pressure off me to make money with my art, and I could now pay my bills and use my free time to serve the world with my art.

I continued to learn from my spiritual teachers, applying their teachings, and gaining immense clarity about how I could best help people with my art.

Loving my pain instead of fighting it freed up energy to move forward.

I showed up at my job with the intention to relax and love more which helped me make friends with every single one of my coworkers.

My sense of doubt that my art business would work turned into my loving embrace and patient implementation of the advice I attracted from my teachers.

My days off would end, the stale dryness of desire would rip through my gut triggering my aversion to the present moment, and I would breath into it.

Those shadowy moments reminded me to tell myself all was well.

I slowly realized that the shadow I unconsciously tried to escape from was the direct path to shine my light.


I accepted the fact that I didn't really value the spiritual community I felt called to serve, because I didn't know how to love myself.

I acknowledged my profound sense of doubt that spiritual people could even afford my art, much less value it as something useful and healing.

I embraced my inner child's inadequacy and desperate search for love and started finding the source of love within me as my own benevolent parent.

Now, I feel an increase of satisfaction in my daily activities, because I let my pain open my heart to the exact response needed to bring my art and love into the world.

At the age of 5, my mom dropped a stack of paper and crayons on the kitchen floor for me to scribble with... and as I started moving the crayons across the paper, I eventually discovered the most inspiring vision of my life, that I could make beautiful things.

But, since I didn't know how to heal my own core wounds growing up, I spent 20 + years battling my unconscious belief that I couldn't receive the kind love I desired.

So I irked out a slow drip of artworks and studied heavily the spiritual techniques that could finally activate all the energy and inspiration I needed to create beautiful works of art consistently.

The journey of my inner child to be a super artist, led me to discover the connection with my higher levels and love to the degree I wish to experience love from others.

The quantum leaps I've recently made in my capacity to love has activated new opportunities for my art to thrive.

  • Perhaps we'll meet, you and I and share our visions of love that spark ideas and inspiration to create something we can't even imagine right now.

  • If you hire me to make art for you, I would first provide sketches that you can review, so there's no risk to you, you know exactly what you're getting, and you can make unlimited edits before making any investment and receiving your final product. 

  • Maybe your vision would inspire me to create a work of art, that wouldn't require any investment on your part at all.

  • At any rate, we can have fun exploring the magical connections that brought us together and find out how best we can assist each other.

If discussions of love and art feel like an intuitive YES to you, then Get your FREE VISION CALL, so we can...

Three Trees Oil on Canvas 30 x 40"

Three Trees
Oil on Canvas 30 x 40"

  • Explore your vision of love.

  • Find the #1 block keeping you from implementing the vision you see and feel inside.

  • And discover the artistic vehicle that would best express your vision, so you can unlock and activate your gifts more than ever before.