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Are you happy now?

It's totally cool if you're not happy.

What is happiness?

Happiness is all the positive emotions and feelings you get when you help yourself and other people enjoy life more.

More than ever before, people have built successful businesses by empowering people who are hungry for change to use their unique abilities to enjoy themselves like never before and discover new solutions to global problems.

Knowing that we are happiness itself, helps us be the change we wish to see in the world.

In 2012, The economist Richard Florida wrote in his book, The Rise of the Creative Class that at least 30% of people have figured out how to do work they actually love. 

You stand on the edge of this creative movement... let's call it THE LOVE REVOLUTION, because you've embraced your weird differentness, healed your childhood pain of feeling alone and abandoned by society, and built a career out of helping your tribe heal themselves so they can heal the world.

Sometimes you feel like an angel and other times hopelessly pathetic, wanting to take a vacation from living in a body on a planet, but you always wake up to the memory that you came here for a reason.

You know you're not an accident, the sun and the earth fucked and gave birth to you.

Now, you're ready to make a bigger impact.

You want to enjoy life fully, but if your pleasure doesn't help others you feel your satisfaction freezing up, because you've barely cracked the icey surface of your ocean of potential to collaborate with more people, tospark more fires inside the hearts of different kinds of people than you felt comfortable with in your current sphere of influence.

You feel like you couldn't enjoy yourself if you didn't help people respond to their problems, lest you risk feeling underutilized and wasting precious life doing things that make little difference.

Of course you know that your presence makes a positive impact on the planet, but you can only do so much by yourself and your creative side feels like it's hit a plateau.

You're done working too hard, and you're ready to receive assistance from your higher power.

You're ready to partner with your soul family to create more synergy for your work so people feel more empowered by your willingness to combine your powers with theirs, so that new beginnings can blossom like familiar aliens who you've always felt approaching, but who's rare smell and beauty you've only started to truly sense.

The thrill of your ideas getting expressed by someone else and the discomfort of your ideas dissolving into something no longer yours, entices you to step outside your comfort zone and bring your unique skills to the parts of the world you find mundane and in need of a spark.

You can feel the power of sharing your ideas with bold, beautiful art that moves people, and you want that kind of leverage, where you have art that works on your behalf to attract the right people, filter out the wrong ones, and lay the groundwork for your ideas of positive change to take root.


You want art that moves you emotionally and grips you viscerally, like a skilled dancer expressing the story of your life right out in front of you.

Whether you want to enhance a story with captivating pictures or transform blank walls into an oasis, you want to activate healing and inspiration in your environment so that any stuckness that tries to creep back into your life stream gets zapped by your awakened presence.

You want custom art that brings your ideas to life and transports people into your world before they even read a single word about you, so when they do take a closer look, they've already decided that you can help them.

Imagine the Power oil on canvas 24 x 24"

Imagine the Power
oil on canvas 24 x 24"

Except there's a bit of a problem in the art department ...let's just call it creative constipation, because when you tried to collaborate with an artist before, you probably got pissed off.

Maybe you started out by googling for the perfect artist, but every creative professional you found looked just like the next one, covered in a glossy "me-centered" wrap that didn't exactly speak to your soul.

So how the hell could you decide which artist to work with?

Maybe you found an artist with a style that inspired you and you decided to hire them, but the waves of disappointment came flooding in when they delivered material that really missed the mark on your progressive ideas... or worse they completely lost interest in your project altogether.  

Maybe now you're resting on the fence, loathing the idea of taking your work to a publisher and slogging through a long, drawn-out process that feels like a forced marriage with an artist you might not even like or trust.

Either way, you don't want to waste time, energy, and money trying to mold someone around your ideas, when they were never the right fit to begin with.

Maybe you found art online that you loved, but you couldn't find contact info on the artist to order to reach them.

Maybe you have the skill to bring your desires to life in the way you see and feel inside, but your creative fire feels burnt out and your search searching for new inspiration to awaken you our of your rut.

Eventually you find support and inspiration to move forward and continue serving your community, but even though your people adore you, a sense of emptiness keeps nagging you about how your work could influence so much more if only you had the right art that captured what you see and feel inside.

At the end of the day, you feel like a guitar with no strings, confused about why you haven't met the right artist to share notes with and your ask the universe if it's the right timing.

You don't want to come across as 1-dimensionl, but you continue your work with a sense of flatness, waiting and wondering what's next, and that feels boring ...which is so not you, because you have so much hope and feel like people could use your help now more than ever.

You've already planted your dreams, now let them blossom. 

Are you not a complete success just for taking a breath and making it this far?

What if you have nothing to prove and everything to enjoy as you open to your desires and frustrations activating new beginnings for you.

What if you felt fully the fear of passing away in history and leaving an empty legacy echoing with the dripping tears of your disappointment because you never fulfilled the height of your creative dreams, and what if that pain now fueled your present moment to respond with deeper love and embody yourself more than ever.

People say beauty is in the eye of the the beholder, but that saying denies the universal beauty surrounding us, which everyone can enjoy.

You are universal beauty expressed as never before, a new form that compliments all forms.

There's no one exactly like you, and we can all appreciate that.

You are made of infinite meaning and depth, with the most noticeable qualities shining through your carnation, your personality, your desires, your ideas, your astrology, your name, which make it very easy and delicious to capture in art that can turn you into a myth, the immortal song of your unique existence.

I came here to capture unique beauty, and the message of love that change-makers carry to make the world a better place inspires me to capture their beauty with my art, because when someone's unique message of love can express through someone else as two forms of beauty combined through collaboration, something bigger and more unique can emerge that activates the Creation of Heavenly Earth.

Imagine the excitement you feel connecting with a creative partner who you like and trust, who you feel seen and heard by, who feels fueled by your ideas as much as you feel inspired by their art, and you have fun sharing your ideas and bringing your desires to life like portraits of your emotions that others can easily connect with.

Imagine watching your desires come to life through a dance, witnessing your ideas captured in sketches that act as a magical talismans opening portals into your imagination, where others get to discover your world and your work in a new and deeper way.

The Evolution of Jonathan

Self Portrait drawn in 2014 with crayon, graphite, and gouache on 11 x 14" paper

Self Portrait drawn in 2014 with crayon, graphite, and gouache on 11 x 14" paper

People have called me different, true to myself, and the King of Awkward... I told them I'm glad they liked it

When I turned 5, my mom started giving me stacks of paper and crayons to scribble with on the floor, and that's when I discovered the most inspiring idea of my life... I can create beautiful things.

I grew up in small-town Missouri with poor, religious parents, who managed to feed and home-school 5 kids in a 3-bedroom house. 

My childhood felt like a social dessert except for the comradery of my the siblings and I surviving on potatoes and graham crackers in a small house in a small town in the midwestern bible-belt with the most enticing escape appearing to me as the dream world within my own imagination, where I experienced the natural beauty that the universe wanted me to birth into this corner of the Earth.

After puberty and teen angst kicked in, I found the coolest kids at church, hung out with the rockers my older brother rolled with, discovered punk music and got a job at a restaurant that helped me climb out of my family box into the wild world. 

Luckily I inherited artistic genes from my mother's mom, my fabulous grandmother Grette who I think of as an aristocrat partying in the wealthy class of town and who helped me win a scholarship to the top art school in my region, the Kansas City Art Institute. 

In 2010, I graduated from art school with deeper mastery in creating beautiful pictures and an extra-curricular passion for collecting self-development material which I spent half my college days discovering as a mountain into self discovery peering over my chasm of self-doubt I inherited from my parents.

After school, I took zero interest in art related jobs that I judged as corporate assembly lines designed to mold me into a shiny-art-making-slave so that I could help some landscaping company sell their lawnmower or help some sports team get noticed.

So I worked a sandwich job to pay the bills, didn't have much friends, hadn't sold much art, and felt like a loser living out the cliche of the starving artist.

In the fall of 2012 my mother died and in the winter of 2013, I meditated in my dark bedroom absorbing all the self-help lessons I had continued to gobble up and woke up to my lonely, struggling identity, with my dust-covered paintings, and the dried up ocean inside my stomach to the tiny spark inside my heart shining through the crumbling walls of disappointment and dissatisfaction, and I started to cry.

I mourned the years trying to create beautiful things just to prove I was lovable while feeling unworthy of the mysterious value of who I am, and felt the dried up ground within me filling up with the pleasure of crying. 

My higher self revealed itself as a greater me without boundaries and a deeper, vasterpurpose within my ability to capture the beauty of the world in rich and bold style that moves people.

I surrendered control and heard the call my higher power had always sung to me about how I'm here toCreate Heavenly Earth.

More teachers emerged in my self-study and I learned to embrace my vast inner world of strangeness, my addiction to cookies, marijuana, and masturbating to my favorite solo brunette chick of the week.

I embraced my love for meeting new people and discovering their unique qualities as material for new art.

I feel people enduring great stress and loss in their journeys here, and it appears to me that most people experience Earth as a living hell due to our immature ego trying to gain comfort at the cost of others.

We find ourselves growing out of the slave-dominator cycle and stepping into our unique gifts as the answer to the crisis we created during our freshman semester in the ego.

The disasters surrounding us have pushed us to the edge of our creative potential by asking us if we would rather love each other or die fighting each other.


BLISS by The environmental decay of the status quo has awoken passionate creativity in us by activating courage to step outside our comfort zones and love each other.

I want to help change-makers not only feel more seen and heard by capturing their desires with my art, but exploring the infinite possibilities within our combined powers, unique qualities of our skills, hobbies and astrological arrangements, so that new creative solutions emerge as answers to our daily stress and grind... and have that all reflect into our co-creation.

So there you go, my secret formula for Creating Heavenly Earth is to help you bring your desires to life through art ...Shhhhhh, do tell everyone.

If you have fallen in love with my art and message then I give you my full attention.

I want to offer you a FREE BLISS CALL, where we...

Sketch for Enchantress 2016

Sketch for Enchantress 2016

  1. Explore your desires.

  2. Get clear on your situation and what you feel keeps you from moving forward.

  3. Discover symbols that blend your desires with your current situation into a vision for an artwork that activates happiness within you.

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