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Hello I’m Jonathan,
I grew up poor and home-schooled in the countryside of Missouri, but at the age of 5 my mother would give me stacks of paper and crayons to play with on the floor, where I quickly discovered a natural talent of making my ideas come to life on paper.

As a teenager, I built a binder of drawings that eventually won me a scholarship to the Kansas City Art Institute, where I graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 2010.

Over the course of 8 years I refused to get any commercial work, and instead lived the cliche of the starving artist, searching intensely for my identity and building a body of paintings and drawings.

I started to pay closer attention to the curiosity that guided my art as a child, and this curiosity morphed into a calling to Create Heavenly Earth, which motivated me to hustle my art and make around $50,000 by convincing strangers to buy original pieces from me.

My strategy of approaching strangers to buy my art lasted for about 8 months until the following winter, I burnt up all my excitement, I started to push my strategy out of desperation, and people stopped buying my art.

For 3 years I lived in a struggle with poverty and purpose, getting into deadend romances, finding a job churning out pizza, and searching for answers to how I could fulfill this strange and overblown calling to create heavenly earth with my art.

An answer arrived in 2015 when I discovered a system called Human Design, that sent me on a trajectory of self-realization and empowerment in the form of attracting monthly clients and discovering money-training courses that speak to my soul.

Now, I’m getting comfortable wearing a new costume in the form of Art Sorcerer, which enables me to play my role of creating heavenly earth by building a body of art guided by my true design and capturing your visions with art that speaks to your soul.

Galloping Fantasy      pen, pencil, & instagram

Galloping Fantasy

pen, pencil, & instagram


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In 2015 during my constant soul-searching, I came across a magical system that maps the mechanics of our world, and it’s called Human Design, which arrived on the planet as a revelation to a mad man living off the coast of Spain in 1987.

That man changed his name to Ra Uru Hu and became the messenger of Human Design until his death in 2011, leaving behind a thriving community of like-minds discovering who and what we truly are.

My Human Design Bodygraph:

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My Hologenetic Profile:

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