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Do you long to make a bigger impact even though your people adore you?

More than ever before, humanity has embraced the uniqueness of the individual as the solution to global issues.

Each soul carries an extra piece of unique beauty that fulfills everyone's desire for something new and exciting, and it turns out that doing work that doesn't fulfill the purpose of that unique design isn't sustainable and it also isn't very exciting for anyone else standing around.

In 2012, The economist Richard Florida wrote in his book, The Rise of the Creative Class that at least 30% of us have figured out how to do work that we actually love.

You stand on the edge of a new creative movement.


You've mastered the art of using your unique gifts to help people who are hungry for change, and as the world falls apart around you, the most powerful creative force has already claimed your heart.

You've embraced your differentness, healed your childhood pain of feeling alone and abandoned by society, and built a career from helping your tribe see themselves in a new light, the light of unconditional love.

Love is the only true power that you can rely on now to carry you through the bullshit.

You feel deep down that true education, health, and economic government only emerge in our awareness of love and willingness to help ourselves and each other.

You know that love is the only power that can really kill the competition.

You have crazy ideas about love, but they're ideas worth spreading... maybe even at a TED conference.


Sometimes you feel like an angel who's come to save the world and sometimes like a pathetic sack of meat wanting to take a nap from living in a body on a planet.

But you've always woken up to the memory that you came here for a reason.

You know you can only do so much by yourself, and you're done working too hard.

You want to play with your creative powers so much more, yet you feel like you've barely dipped into the surface of your ocean of potential.

You want more of the leverage of playing with the right creative partners who work on your behalf to attract the right people, filter out the wrong ones, and lay the groundwork for your ideas to take root in the hearts and minds of your tribe.

You want to collaborate with an artist who gets you and has the skill to capture the emotions and details of your story with the power of love so that people can connect more easily with your work.

You want to share your ideas with bold, beautiful art that moves people.

Imagine the Power oil on canvas 24 x 24"

Imagine the Power
oil on canvas 24 x 24"

Except there's a bit of a problem in the art department, because when you tried to work with an artist before, you probably got pissed off.

Maybe you started out by googling for the perfect artist, but every creative professional you found looked just like the next one, covered in a glossy "me-centered" wrap that didn't exactly speak to your soul.

So how the hell can you decide which artist to work with?

Maybe you found an artist with a style that inspired you and you decided to hire them, but the waves of disappointment came flooding in when they delivered material that really missed the mark on your progressive ideas...

...or worse they completely lost interest in your project altogether! 

Maybe you found art online that you loved but it didn't express some of the more subtle nuances of your message, so you tried to get a hold of the artist but they haven't gotten back to you yet.

Maybe you have the artistic skill to bring your ideas to life, but your creative fire feels burnt out and you're searching for new inspiration to lift you out of your rut.

Maybe you're resting on the fence, loathing the idea of taking your work to a publisher and slogging through a long, drawn-out process that feels like a forced marriage to an artist you might not even like or trust.

So why waste time, energy, and money trying to mold someone around your ideas, when they were never the right fit to begin with?

So you wait and feel confused about why you haven't met the right artist to share your ideas with. 

You wonder if it's the right timing.

Eventually you find support and inspiration to move forward and continue serving your community, but even though your people adore you, a sense of emptiness keeps nagging you about how your work could influence so much more if only you had the right art that captured what you see and feel inside.

At the end of the day you feel like a guitar with no strings.

You don't want to come across as 1-dimensionl, but you continue your work with a sense of flatness, a sense of stuckness that feels boring, which is so not you because you have so much hope and know that people could use your help more than ever now.

You made it this far, now let the world catch up with your awareness.

What if the frustration you feel around getting your creative projects off the ground is the shit that can fertilize your garden of productivity and satisfaction?

What if feeling the presence of your creative partners satisfies you just as much as feeling seen and heard by them when they arrive?

Imagine if everyone you met, even if they don't compliment your goals gave you a spark of unique awareness that mixed with your unique awareness and something new emerged, the embrace of a new face or the deeper love for your heart when someone ignores you or insults you.

Imagine that everyone is your creative partner and every person passing through your aura provided you with the inspiration you need to let love express through you.

There's no one exactly like you, you are a complete success simply by existing.

What if you met an artist who felt fueled by your ideas as much as you felt inspired by their art?

I'm fascinated by how art can put each of your unique qualities on display for all to witness and gain inspiration from.

The signs of unique beauty shine through you, and I see your inner facets as the raw material that give me visions and symbols to capture in an artwork that turns you into a myth and plays the immortal song of your unique existence.

I can help you put your unique beauty so you feel seen and heard and have more fun expressing the love you came here to share for the well being of all.

A kink in my plans to create heavenly earth.

Self Portrait drawn in 2014 with crayon, graphite, and gouache on 11 x 14" paper

Self Portrait drawn in 2014 with crayon, graphite, and gouache on 11 x 14" paper

I RtakingIn the summer of 2016 in my downtown Kansas city apartment, I sat in my dark bedroom watching the dim light of the moon gleam through the shades and cast a window of stripes onto my lofty walls.

My dust-covered paintings absorbed the moon light like a dirty blanket.

Thirsty for meaning, I loathed the mundane slowness of my situation which cracked open my heart and let the familiar sense of depression creep in.

In 2012 my mother died and I inherited $20,000, which motivated me to follow my dream to create heavenly Earth with my art.

Five years later, I spent most of my inheritance living job-free and riding on a new entrepreneurial spirit.

I made about $30,000 in art sales but eventually failed to keep up with my bills.

I shared a downtown loft with my younger, more rational brother Michael, who had now turned into a frustrated roommate paying my rent and utilities for me.

Refusing to get a job I chose to believe I was unemployable and that my art was the only work for me.

I set up a portrait stand on the street.
I approached strangers in public.
I posted paintings for sale on facebook.
I contacted every interesting person I could find to explore how my art could help them.

Yet, I still found myself living out the cliche of the starving artist.

I persisted stubbornly to sell enough art so I could catch up with my bills, but by the end of August 2016 I only had enough money to buy food.

Frustration and despair pulled me into a deep fatigue and I took many angry naps, occasionally waking up with sparks of hope that I could find solace in my trusted mentors online.

I gobbled up all the advice I could throw into my pit of self-doubt and found just enough answers to start relaxing again, to stop pushing or trying to sell anything, and I sunk into a restful healing space.

The thought that homeless people survived so long on the streets and my small success in selling my art enough to buy food helped me rationalize my stubbornness, and I accepted the possibility that I could lose everything.

Then a couple people interested in my art suddenly messaged me on facebook.

A spiritual healer from across the country hired me to create images for her new card deck, and a local lady in her 40s with a wild, spiritual vibe followed up on an idea I had sold her on to capture her vision of heavenly earth in a painting.

Making these two new clients bought me some time to figure out my life and avoid the dreaded J.O.B. (Journey of the Broke, Just Over Broke, etc.)

Eventually I ended up sleeping with my wild, spiritual client, cooking for her, helping with her massage and subletting businesses she ran out of her little garden retreat home on the hip, west side of Kansas City, and she helped me get more work that sustained me throughout the winter.

January 2016 rolled in, and my older brother gave me a call to chew me out for being selfish and taking advantage of my younger brother and roommate by not applying for a job. 

I felt pissed at myself that maybe I was acting selfishly, using the discomfort of finding a job as an excuse not to pursue it at all.

Maybe I could find a job, do it well, and bring love into my co-workers' space despite feeling severely uncomfortable with my ideas about working a job I don't want.

Inviting the possibility that I could find a job that I at least partly enjoyed in order to pay my bills and meet my responsibilities, I dropped all expectations and decided to take a brisk January walk to explore the local shops and restaurants on the hip west side of KC to pick up applications.

One pizzeria that had just opened near the hottest gay club in town had a grungy yet professional look and seemed to call to me, so I strolled in asking one of the servers if they needed any help in the kitchen and with no formal interview the manager asked me to come in and make pizzas the next day.

I started working at the pizzeria next to the hottest gay club in KC, became a rock star pizza-maker in a matter of months, and received compliments for my calm yet beastly work ethic busting out pies in the late hours of the night until the gay crowd had their final drunken snack.

Strangely, ever since I walked into that pizza kitchen I've felt the angels presence letting me know I am loved more than ever.

Working a minimum of 35 hours at the J.O.B.  took a lot of pressure off me to make money with my art, and I could now pay my bills using my free time to align with my mission.

I listened to the gurus who inspired me and found clarity around who and what I am that could best help people.

I just kept moving forward.

I stayed alert to my inner critic and the judgement that my progress wasn't measuring up to my ideals, I learned to stay in relationship with the inspiration that helped me relax in the first place.

I invested in coaching and courses that REALLY INSPIRED ME.

Spending my free time implementing the magical insights of my teachers, I felt my familiar feelings of impatience and frustration turning into humour and opportunities to let the loving presence of the universe pour into my body, my soul, my life, and every relationship with the world.

The stale dryness would rip through my gut and trigger my aversion to the present moment, and I would breath into it, following my teachers advice step-by-step and letting myself know it was okay, that all is well.

I would feel my consciousness wanting to leave my body and it's sadness, but taking the advice from my teachers I chose to love the pain and relax deeper into my body feeling its pleasure for my choice to pour all the love that I am into me. 

The shadow I once tried to push away became the direct path to shine my light of love.

I learned to get off on my deepest discomforts by relaxing into them, the fatigue of my body and the slowness of progress it makes towards my ideal outcomes triggers small deaths inside me and I love it to the point where love is all that's left.

Enjoying the depression makes my desires even sweeter, and I can enjoy the steps towards my desires with a playful intention to dance in life step-by-step.

My body's desires give me the direction for my love and attention, and I find that relaxing more with my body let's my high ideals manifest as the foundation for the greater work of the universe to flow through me and my art.

As I continue to relax in love as my infinite life force, change-makers continue to request my art, and I continue to build my online presence, engage with you, and Create Heavenly Earth as a result of our growing love.

The mysterious window of grace opens when you relax and let love respond to your situation for you. 

We all desires satisfaction in our work and love lives, recognition for our unique abilities, and peace to carry us through the current challenges. 

We have all the potential in us, but if we don't respect our body's desires, then our potential will get squandered by our need to push the body into submission.

The inner and outer beauty of you is so unique and powerful that you have everything you need to love yourself.

I want to help you capture your unique beauty with symbols, so you have art that speaks to your soul and reminds you that you are so seen and heard by the universe always and can let it manifest the Heavenly Earth you came to witness as a guest of honor.

People have called me different, true to myself, and the King of Awkward... I told them I'm glad they liked it.

When I turned 5, my mom started giving me stacks of paper and crayons to scribble with on the floor, and that's when I discovered the most inspiring idea of my life... I can create beautiful things.



Growing up in small-town Missouri with poor, religious parents, who managed to feed and home-school 5 kids in a 3-bedroom house, I found escape by drawing my desires and collecting them in a folder of drawings.

My art opened the door for me to heal the mundane existence that I felt people acting out all around me, and I built my skill in making pretty things to prove I had power to heal them.

I never felt worthy of who I thought I should be to help people though, and eventually my art lost meaning, and I slipped into the deepest cave of depressing judgements about my self during those first years of entrepreurship.

My journey from small-town poverty into the depression of my adult life not matching up with my ideals sent me into the darkness of my own unique perspective that loving myself through it all allows me to not take anything personally but play in a dance of letting love guide me step by step.

You're a different kind of outcast
You have a vision of how everything could be better, and the magical powers to make it happen.
You yearn for more satisfaction in your work.
You're waiting for the right creative partners to show up and play with you.
My presence and art can help you amplify and catalyze your power as love expresses through us in our work and produces results that we've dreamed possilbe.

The art we create around the ideas that love inspires in our hearts answers the calling we always felt whispering deep within, to be aware of how much love we can be for the wellbeing of all, together side-by-side. 


Sketch for Enchantress 2016

Sketch for Enchantress 2016